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Stattena IF
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Stattena IF offers an introductory class for non-swedish speaking beginners, boys and girls born 2008-2015, divided into two groups: born 2008-2011 born 2012-2015.

The purpuse of having the class in english is NOT to establish permanent, separate teams, but is a short  introduction to Stattena and soccer, before the children are moved into their permanent teams. This is why the training classes are in english, but with plenty of sections in Swedish so the children will learn some soccerswedish as well.

The decision as to when time has come for the children to move into their permanent teams is made in agreement with the coach.

Scheduled trainings during the winter of 2018/2019 are Saturdays and Sundays in Teknikhallen. Click here for further information:

For questions or to sign up: e-mail